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Return to Work Program

At iRehab we understand how important it is for you to return to work after recovering from an illness or ailment. Our return to work program is designed to achieve just that in a manageable manner.

This program is tailored into phases of recovery so that you can safely return to work at a gradual phase so that you don’t re-injure yourself.

Our program starts with an initial job site assessment. Based on the detailed assessment, a program will be tailored to meet the unique demand that is required for you to successfully and safely return to work.

Supervised work-based rehabilitation and the required arrangements will be made with your family as well as the appropriate organizations (it can be both government and non-government organizations) to ensure the success of your program. You will be enrolled into the appropriate programs and services.

Throughout your program, our therapist will monitor and assess the progress that you make. If needful, we will make the necessary adjustments or modifications that you may require.

Our program focuses on minimising the risk of re-injury at your workplace and maintaining a successful re-entry into your workplace after an injury.

At iRehab,  our healthcare professionals can also help employers by identifying suitable duties for injured individuals and coordinate the appropriate strategy for his/her safe return to work. Our therapists have the expertise to match an individual’s functional ability after an injury with available duties at a given workplace.

We are also able to provide medico-legal reporting. If you would like a work site assessment to be carried out at your workplace or if you would like to learn more about the range of workplace rehabilitation services we can provide, contact us today.

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