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Driving Program

Most Malaysians drive to work. As such, we at iRehab have the Driving Program that helps meet your travelling requirement to work.

The aim of this rehabilitation is to help individuals with a physical ailment and the elderly to drive safely. To be a participant, the individual must be at least 18 years of age and to meet requirements necessary to obtain a driver’s license or permit in Malaysia. Driving simulation will be coordinated with the appropriate organisation as required.

This program includes classroom and on-the-road instructions which are designed to focus on safety and defensive driving.

Before you are able to participate in this program, our therapist will conduct a thorough assessment with you to ascertain specific abilities that is required to operate a vehicle safely. This includes medical history, visual/perceptual skills,reaction time, cognition, transfer skills, basic driving knowledge and adaptive equipment needs are assessed. Once this is done, our therapists will then make recommendations for selection of vehicle, adaptive equipment that you will require. If necessary, our therapists will also coordinate modifications that need to be made to the vehicle. With regard to the vehicle, special attention is given to driver safety and cost containment.

Individuals that would benefit from this program include people that have suffered from a stroke, head or spinal cord injury or other neurological conditions. This program is also catered for people who used to drive as well as people learning to drive for the first time.

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