The IREHAB team consists of healthcare professionals with relevant professional qualifications and credentials. Each team member is highly-skilled, dedicated to clinical excellence, professional development and are evidence-based practitioners.
At IREHAB we aim to deliver results by allocating a personal therapist to you that works within a team of various specialized and your rehabilitation will be centred along a “Goal-Oriented, Time-Limited” approach. 

Walking into IREHAB gets you access to various rehabilitation specialist all under one-roof, one-stop rehabilitation.
In keeping with a holistic approach, in the course of your rehabilitation you will or maybe attended to by a multidisciplinary team of specialist consisting of rehabilitation physicians, doctors, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, prosthetist & orthotist and nurses.

To help you achieve the best possible results from rehabilitation, with your input, our multidisciplinary team meet at team conferences to collaborate, coordinate and monitor your progress so that you would be able to achieve your goals within the agreed time-frame.

You and your support person(s) who will be assisting you at home are welcome to schedule a family conference with our team of rehabilitation professionals.

According to the Human Rights Act 1998 “right to respect for private and family life”; the contents of health records are classed as private and so are covered by this Act. Accordingly,if you would require individualized documentations or reports we will provide it upon a written request.


You are the most important member of the team. We depend on you to give us the background information we need to assist in the collaboration of your course of rehabilitation. We also depend on your enthusiasm. Your active participation will make your progress go more smoothly. Without your support, the rehabilitation process just does not work! Rehabilitation is a collaborative process! We want to help, and by working together, we have a greater chance of resolving your concerns.


You may be asked to identify support person(s) who will be assisting you after discharge. During the course of your rehabilitation a primary caregiver may be required to attend a training session with the therapist. The purpose of their attendance is to help them learn how to safely assist you at home.